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James VI vs The Metatron

James VI vs The Metatron

The tiny island of Inchkeith, near Burntisland, off the east coast of Scotland  is home to a story where King James VI exiled a woman with her two infant sons as an experiment to see if language was innate or had to be taught.

The mother was deaf and unable to speak.

After five years after abandonment, the King fully expected the infants to be able to speak fluent Hebrew, taught by the Metatron, the voice God.

The text flows into a representation of the Mother – the large rectangle – saying “The Voice of God…” and out of the representations of the two children – the smaller rectangles-  “begets” and “Silence”. So the text says “The Voice of God begets silence”  (I hope… my Hebrew is none existent and Google Translate is notoriously iffy)

The 6 is the king the horizontal bar is the Metatron whose symbol is a blank banner and the background is a watercolour sketch of the island of Inchkeith.

I composed this piece in the style of the Futurist art movement to tell the story. My feeling was that it felt morally wrong to tell the story by using words when the main character was unable to use them. Ironic as I’ve just explained it using words, but hey…



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