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With the battle lost, the remnants, ground down, were used as hardcore for roads, built to bolster shiny new tram lines that rush people past the ‘dozer razed haunt, with … Continue reading

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The Urban Prairie

The title poem of my upcoming book and dissertation! Rooms seeping for pointing north; a coal head for illumination and air; coal fire that gave light and warmth; a griddle … Continue reading

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Life – infinite – Death

Well, look at these beauties! My new creative writing project is a short, non-linear story based around the theories of Boltzman, Everett, Schrodinger and Tegmark. It’s an experiment and a … Continue reading

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 25

May 18th Mook seemed in a better mood today. Spiggy decided that something urgent needed doing, so undoing more rooms wouldn’t be the best idea. I don’t really think he … Continue reading

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 24

June 4th Spiggy sleeps closest to the door, so when Mook knocked, I kicked him out to answer it. Mook arrived with breakfast. Breakfast in bed is getting to be … Continue reading

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 23

June 3rd Mook is nowhere to be seen. He’s locked himself away and hasn’t responded except to push a note under his door that says ‘I’m okay’. Spiggy just rolled … Continue reading

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 21

As expected, the skin wasn’t looking great; grey and squamous . . .

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 20

When we opened the main doors. It was X-Ray Spex. I could hear X-Ray Spex!

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 19

“Well it’s quite primal thing. A lot of animals sleep with their tribe. It’s safety, comfort and warmth. And we are just animals after all.”

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Alberto and Jeff – Superhero Blues 13

Jeff tries out Superhero personae. Alberto is less than supportive.

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