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Rockall Mugs

I was absolutely thrilled when I got a message from the Rockall Research people last week. They had seen my word cloud/poem/poster and asked if they could use it on some merchandise. As you can see, I said yes! I mean, given that most of my work is Shipping Forecast based at the moment, I’m seeing it almost as ‘validation.’

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to my work being ‘out in the world.’ I mean, yes I’ve had stuff published before and I never quite understand that. There’s such a weird disconnect between ‘work done’ and ‘work shown.’ But without getting pretentiously existential over what is essentially crockery, I was really, really excited to receive these two beauties in the post yesterday.

So, giddiness aside, Rockall have merchandise and you should buy it!

You can see a full, clean copy of the picture here


buy the mugs – and posters, etc here.


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