Will Vigar

A Writer of Sorts

About Will Vigar

Will Vigar , has been involved in the creative industries since before leaving school. At 15, he had his first review published in a now defunct music magazine and has operated under many pseudonyms publishing short stories, poetry, songs and theatre pieces.

Between 1983 and 1993, he wrote, presented and produced articles for a local arts magazine on BBC Radio Sheffield. Initially on the ground breaking “R.O.T.T” programme before co-hosting the spin-off programmes “Listen Up” and “Prick Up Your Ears”.

After moving away from Sheffield, he dabbled with self-publishing and small press comics, producing two volumes of “Miserable”, under yet another pseudonym and to some critical acclaim. Comics then became the focus of his endeavours; firstly with writing and illustrating “The Slightly Odd Adventures of Alberto and Jeff”- also to be seen on this blog – and then with “Zombre” for Borderline Press where he edited, commissioned work for and contributed to said title. He also edited a number of other Borderline Press titles, commissioning and contributing work for further anthologies before its untimely demise.

Since Borderline Press, he has being focussing on a co-owned Poetry Website (www.aswiftexit.co.uk). A Swift Exit is currently in the process of producing its first anthology book that features Award Winning poets, a Regional Poet Laureate and a former pop star  alongside new, previously unpublished poets. There are also contributions by himself and the co-owner, James Oliver Firkins.

In 1984 and 1985, Will had two volumes of poetry published under a pseudonym. He’s so embarrassed by the awfulness of the poetry he refuses to reveal the pseudonym, even to his partner of twenty years. He has got an awful lot better and an awful less pretentious since then.

As well as (good) poetry, Will recently completed an MA in Creative Writing, for which he got a Distinction and is preparing for a PhD in The Poetry of Marginal Spaces. His MA project entitled ‘Tale from the Urban Prairie’ is to be published later this year.


Contact me: wvigarnet@gmail.com


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