Will Vigar

poet. writer. imposter.


PulsarThis poem is inspired by a visit to Jodrell Bank Observatory and specifically a sound file of pulsars ‘singing’ on this page. I’m sort of tallying singing pulsars with Dr John Dee’s idea of Angelic Voices. The symbols in the background are Dee and Kelley’s ‘Angelic Script’ that simply says ‘Pulsar’.

As with some of my other shaped poetry, this picture (like this one about Stanlow Refinery) is at this size means the text is not particularly legible onscreen. Printed at A2 size, as most of my shaped poems are, it reads fine, but the full, unfragmented text is here, should you want to read it.


Yes, I can hear you singing

Warming the cold light of science

With contrapuntal precision

And pulsing – gently – pulsing


I wonder if these motet

tones converging in girdered dish

are the voices Dee and Kelley heard

pulsing – gently – pulsing


and scribed as angelic edict – not a primal

lighthouse signalling the past from

the raging pirouettes of long-dead stars

and pulsing – gently – pulsing


its onscreen trace (a blind rhythm –

the difference between orchestra

and sheet music) anticipates

and pulses – gently – pulses


it’s allegro enlightenment

funnelled through antenna

its story written in green ribbon

and pulsing – gently – pulsing

gently- pulsing






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