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Going Home: Keats – Episode 5

Going Homo

April 20th

I didn’t sleep much. They were very active last night; very aggressive. I’ll have to check the animals in a while, but I’m expecting the worst. We had thought about opening the understage area as a nighttime barn for the animals. There’s a faily sturdy coal-cellar type entrance that can serve as a barn door. We reinforced that when we slept in there, all those years ago. If this level of aggression continues, I might have to make that work. I think this is the worst they’ve been since everyone left.

Lunch time

I was right, although it was not even close to how bad I had feared. I lost a couple of chickens and a goat, but nothing catastrophic. The coop will need fixing, but that’s not a difficult job. It’s the first direct attack for a while and I have to admit that I’m worried this might be the start of a more sustained assault. Summer might be a dangerous time. Maybe I should look at the understage area. It might be better for them in winter, too.




Usual chores.

More piano.

Quiet day although I did look below stage. I can do the day to day stuff as normal, but it’s safe enough down there to build stables, roosting spots etc at night. My only qualm is that they might be able to get in through the drop door once the animals are in. I’m going to have to come up with something pretty solid to keep them out. As a precaution, I might have to weight the stage trap down just in case they do get in.

I’m beginning to get a bit concerned. All my plans seem to be about opening things up and making the place less safe; the labs, the library, the cellar. I wonder if I am getting a bit reckless? I mean, they are sound enough ideas, but I’m not sure I have the skills or manpower to make them work. Are they too risky?

I think I’ll read one of the books I got from the library the other day.


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