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Going Home:Keats – Episode 6


April 21st

I am, of course, very stupid. There are stairwells at either end of the building. The barricades blocking off the corridors and making the living space safe can stay at the this end of the building. If I open up the other end and break the barricades leading to the labs, even if they got through the doors and trashed the labs, they would still have to get through three sets of defences before the final, almost impenetrable stairwell barricade. I’d have access to the labs and remain safe. Even if they break through the windows, they’d still be unable to break through the walls.

UV’s, again, will make them think twice.

Speaking of UV, I might try to rig up some more around the animal enclosure. I’ll get onto that before I start the cellar project.

If I do get the hydroponics thing going, I might be able to do fresh veg for over winter. The frozen stuff is alright, but it will make for some great variation in diet.




Reading back over the last few days, I’ve wanted to build a hydroponic block, look for oil, research wind and solar power, build an underground stable, open the library . . . I’ve done nothing but tick over for the last couple of years. Why the sudden burst of creativity? Boredom, I suppose. I remembered to fix the broken UV on the gym roof and made a start on the extra UV rig for the animals.




Whenever loneliness becomes a major issue, I put a movie on. The DVD and video players are all broken. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to fix one or both. That would be worth opening the library for. There’s a colossal collection of DVD’s up there and a few old VHS tapes, too. For now, though, I’m making do with a crotchety old film projector and a collection of about forty movies. None are what you would call edifying although my favourites are “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”, “A Man For All Seasons” and “Phase IV”. Most of the others are ‘educational’, that is to say dull beyond words. The kind of thing Troy McClure hosted.

The good thing about movies over DVD/VHS is that I can project the movies onto the wall and make the images life sized. I can, with the aid of a lot of cider, convince myself that I have company.

“A Man For All Seasons” it is, then.


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