Will Vigar

poet. writer. imposter.

Dynevor Road (1-4)

Sunday-Night-at-the-Palla-014.jpgdomestic vignettes from when i lived with my grandparents in the 1970’s


Half a pig’s head

lies forgotten

having fallen

behind the electrolux


The rising damp

in the understair larder

hiding the sickly scent

of a brawn


never made


2. Teeth


Like Granny

in Red Riding Hood.

Teeth for all to see;

on the bedside table.

All rictus grin

and lacking bite.


I lived in fear

Of the goodnight kiss.


3. Bathtime


Sitting in front of the fire

in the parlour

in a tin bath

of second-hand

luke warm water


Watching Sunday Night

At the London Palladium


Granddad knocks

his pipe ash

Into the water.


Neither Norman Vaughan

Nor Jim Dale

Nor the Tiller Girls

Comment on this outrage.


4. Bladder


Five flights 

in total darkness

One light switch

from a ‘30s installation

at the bottom of the stairs


that spiral towards

the parlour and through

the dead locked door

to the outside toilet


I sit behind the door

with a foot high gap

breaking the ice


to be continued . . .



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