Will Vigar

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Fifteen Cafe Scenes (11 – 15)

xi. Hallelujah? “She always brings extra biscuits for God and makes sure there is enough tea for His cup.” She acknowledges that His cuppa does not runneth over. It just … Continue reading

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Fifteen Cafe Scenes (6 -10)

vi. Homeless He shuffles in a cup in his hand hoping he won’t be noticed; pretending that he bought it earlier, he takes a seat in an alcove. Staring into … Continue reading

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Fifteen Cafe Scenes (1 – 5)

i. Weasel A weasel in a shiny suit, all slavering chops and malintent, insinuates that the only way to progress is through sordid impropriety ii. Yummy She does her best … Continue reading

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