Will Vigar

poet. writer. imposter.

Fifteen Cafe Scenes (6 -10)

cafe stuff

vi. Homeless

He shuffles in
a cup in his hand
hoping he won’t be
noticed; pretending
that he bought it earlier,
he takes a seat
in an alcove.

Staring into his cup,
empty as his wallet,
he takes a moment to think
how lucky he is,
on a day like this,
to be inside,
even for a few minutes,
before . . .

he is recognised
and moved on.

vii. Nurse

She asks for a latte
in a takeaway cup.
A moment of respite
from her care home work,
she takes her time
and savours her peace.

Relaxing momentarily,
completing the crossword
in one of the free tabloids.

She checks her phone
and sighs. A minor incident
that requires her attention.
She is pleased she asked
for a take away cup.

viii. Tinder

Right Swipe
“Had it”
Right Swipe
“Had it”
Right Swipe
“Had it”

One step away
from Logan’s Run.

And your friends
aren’t impressed either.


ix. Laughing Together

The private tutor
try as she might

cannot force
the correct

of the word “verb”

to issue from
her students lips.


x. Pornography

He is not as hidden
as he believes.

The manager
asks him to turn

the pornography off
and leave the premises.


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