Will Vigar

poet. writer. imposter.

Fifteen Cafe Scenes (1 – 5)


i. Weasel

A weasel in a shiny suit,
all slavering chops
and malintent,

that the only
way to progress
is through sordid impropriety

ii. Yummy

She does her best
to ignore the screams

and parks in the way
of almost everyone;

claiming special status
and entitlement,

even though she can’t
keep her fucking
children under control.


iii. Office Job

He looks uncomfortable
that such an
important decision
is to be made

by someone angry
because a syrup
has caused the foam
to collapse.

The potential employee
decides to take
another job.


iv. Vote

She grows frustrated
as her friends seem to think

that last night’s soaps
are more real

and more important
than people dying

because of those stupid
kisses given without thinking.

v. Rude

I do not like the mess
she said and looks
over to a lone man

who obviously won’t
mind her shit
dumped on his work


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