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poet. writer. imposter.



I took part in a conference at The University of Portsmouth called “Mapping – Uncharted Territory.” My video piece contained three of the poems from my Shipping Forecast project – “Lullaby” “James Vi vs The Metatron” and the above piece (text below).

Thrilled to say it went down very well and I got some very nice comments.

Another step towards live performances?

Well, let’s not get over-excited, eh?


The Horizon flares

and pitch ripples

break the sky.

From the headland

frantic perchlorate calls

are seen but not connected.


The horizon flares

and pitch ripples

caress the bows

of those who know

they are too late

to salvage the trenched

from breathing in

the salt that scathes


The horizon flares…


Another midnight, breath

heavy, cold sinking into mirror

sounds. Gun drums like screech

owls on harbour walls. Firn

muffling higher frequencies

when loading onto camo-smacks.


Fishermen cool as air shake

hands with virgin crew;

disquieted. Hiding their

intention, they glide

as the tonk-tonk-tonk

of engines guides them


through the shadows that roil

in sandbank tides. Shooting

nets they fool the U, tonight

the only barrage, is razor

ording slicing through marrow.

Nausea bleaches the colour

from cheeks already raw

from surging squalls.

And then, at the end of all hope,

ravaged and numb,

the captain calls…


“there are lights…

on the horizon…”




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