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Vague Wisdom

As today is National Poetry Day (who knew?), I thought I’d better put something up. It’s been a while… Anyway, this started life as a cut-up using some Blake poetry, the lyrics from some of the songs from the soundtrack of the Wicker Man and a couple of other sources. The components were tidied up, shaped and given a readable structure. Inspired by a cut-up would be more accurate, but it still has a nice fractured quality.

Vague Wisdom

I'll show you. Tell you again of the wondrous day; tell you 
tales of midnights cold and clear; days of caustic sun. 
I’ll call your name in red and white - a tender voice 
that ends hoarse and ties the broken threads I gave 

to you. Wassail! Rejoice! He called me by my life and fed 
at dusk, comforting me with the words: “In wood and withy, 
I am here.” I say “How do you do, to whit, to woo, and come 
by the stream to sip the meað I offer. I'll give you things 

- soft clothing, woolly bright, soft as feather; a cow as mild 
as milk and a bull as meek as children; a liar, hard as basalt rock. 
I know who you are - a god lamb blessed; a thing that is true; 
a bow from the sky and arrow from the earth that sings.”

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