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Dungeness. March 9th. 2018.

Prompted by a visit to the spectacularly odd town of Dungeness on the southeastern corner of England. An expansive shingle beach is sparsely covered with shacks, bungalows, the odd piece of architectural weirdness and many abandoned boats. It looks like the perfect setting to film a “Fallout” movie, hence the reference to the Capital Wasteland, especially as lurking in the background, not far from the isolated local pub is a gigantic Nuclear Power Station. It’s a peculiar but utterly engaging landscape and rife for flights of fancy.

I was particularly interested to learn that the hot water from the power station is pumped into the sea. It’s not radioactive or dangerous in any way but heats the sea up enough to attract creatures that wouldn’t normally live on the southern coast of England, preferring warmer climes. Anyway…


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