Will Vigar

poet. writer. imposter.

Heligoland (German Bight)

1. Dismay

To the dismay of ornithologists
the birds rise and flee. Starlings 
startled by deep thrumming 

scatter; their murmuration
disrupted, the air thickened 
by the chop of rotol blades.

Facing west, the direction 
of the coarse and steady drone, 
the bird watcher notes, through 

polished Porro prisms, that  	
these wings, in stern, determined 
formation, are not beating.

2. Tallboys

A gleefully vindictive aggravation,
like tit-for-tat hooligan townies, 
on the piss; the kind with short sleeved 
shirts and Marlboros tucked under 

the epaulettes, spoiling for a fight
already won. Wargasm hard-on 
intimidating red rock with a battering
of Barnes Wallis’ fists.

3. Props

From the headland you can hear
the plainsong largo of white blades
tendergashing the winds for light
and battery. A stately reigen
to subvert the destruction 
fashioned from Rolls-Royce/Bristol.


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