Will Vigar

poet. writer. imposter.

Temptress -Another Tale From The Urban Prairie

The true story of my first visit to Sheffield. I had come for an interview at Shirecliffe College. Going by the reputation of the course and college, it was my fifth choice. Then I saw that beautiful Brutalist architecture…

s22113Your brothers, tall and handsome,

caught my attention and stole

my breath. Rapt by their dominance

over the skyline, I dreamed of being

wrapped in their aggregate arms.


From the brow of Shirecliffe Top,

looking down into Neepsend valley,

remnants of industry – outlined

in soot and sulphur, girder and rubble –

gave way to your coy angulations. A shapely


anatomy echoing the serpentine Don,

gently mocking its old-fashioned

voluptuous meandering,

dressed in the sci-fi future drag

we were promised in ’40s pulp fiction.


Brothers impassive,

I fell for you.


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