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fuck_face_by_schizographicWe had an exercise today where you wrote down two words you like, two words you use a lot and one made up word. That list was then given to someone else in the class and we had 15 minutes to write something using all of those words.

I got: ‘fuckface’, ‘alas’, ‘smile’, ‘fuckface’ (yes, twice) and ‘hangry’

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you :-






Oi, Fuckface.

Have you nicked the pizza

from the freezer?


Don’t fucking stand there

with your idiot smile

and give me that shit


about needing it more

and quoting that stupid fucking

poem about the plums.


I have no food now

and you won’t like me

now I’m hangry.


Alas, my hangriness

got the better of me

and the smile has left


your fucked face.




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