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My Novel “Going Home: Lost” is now available on Amazon as both a  Paperback and as an eBook. It’s also available directly from me by making a payment of £7.99 immanion@gmail.com Postage … Continue reading

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Coelorum Perrupit Claustra

  We recently visited Bath and found a Museum dedicated to William Herschel, astronomer and discoverer of Uranus. The museum is in the very house where he discovered the planet. It … Continue reading

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The Road to Gentrification

(Written after a conversation with a long-term resident of Stokes Croft, Bristol)   Banksy’s been and sprayed the wall with invective and wry situationist drag   and pheromones that attract … Continue reading

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The complete 2 page strip I did for the Borderline Press book “Zombre”  

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Poetry Submissions

My poetry publishing imprint is looking for new contributions to both the website and then next volume of poetry. Have a look a http://www.aswiftexit.co.uk and get in touch!  

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Fish Wife

More Grimsby stuff.  Not sure why Grimsby is holding a sudden fascination, but you go where the inspiration is, I guess.   FISH WIFE   He climbs from the deck … Continue reading

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More visual poetry, this time about Grimsby.

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This is a piece of visual poetry. The text was overlaid onto a picture of Stanlow and apes the night time skyline of the refinery. Unfortunately, wordpress compresses pictures quite substantially. … Continue reading

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We had an exercise today where you wrote down two words you like, two words you use a lot and one made up word. That list was then given to … Continue reading

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I’m In a Fairly Grim Mood . . .

I’m in a fairly grim mood today, mostly because of the rampaging juggernaut of idiocy that is today’s Brexit Announcement. Anyway, I found some notes and I have no recollection … Continue reading

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