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A Prayer to the Bean


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A Deserted Village

An Architect would no doubt weep at the maze of tumbled rock found sad, lonely, lost beneath the sweep of beaten bracken paths. Summer brings bright silence with each new … Continue reading

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Lunar Tattoos

In the next few days, I’ll be releasing a chapbook on Amazon. It’ll be available as a kindle book and a print on demand item. I’ll also be having a … Continue reading

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Church Ope Cove

Tethered kelp shakes angry algal fists at boy racer waves reaching for shore. Slow-time tides beat lunar tattoos. Oil black mackerel taunt the shore bound; Slick and shifting. Wind whips; … Continue reading

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Kiss Me Again Jack

So many years since I felt the hoar caress my cheek with needle teeth. Not breaking the skin but bringing it to rude life . . . Kiss me again, … Continue reading

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Just Because…

I’ve started illustrating some of my poems. This is mostly for Instagram (itswillvigar)but obviously, I’m going to put them up here, too… cos… y’know… shameless… the first two are incoming. … Continue reading

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The Goodfellow

This baleful repetition – reaped and sown by the click and the flash, shackled in spider-murk and animate tangle,   is no jest or gawde but the felling of bodies; … Continue reading

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A Dream

To see the sky with no tangent vapours marking its jetted limits…   To see the land unboxed, its concertina scars flooded and weeping…   To see the mirror-straits deepest … Continue reading

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Losna (Winter)

From beside a sun- paled bridge – enamel petals falling, brickle and bleached – I watch the mounting satellite –   wan-creeping above bitter horizon – over looking-glass spatters of … Continue reading

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There was a time when a small shack, – unused in decades- stood here, shaking under a barrage of wind and hail;   door barely hanging on by it’s friable … Continue reading

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