Will Vigar

poet. writer. imposter.

Hotel. Birmingham 19.8.17 (03:17am: I Am Insomnia’s Bitch)

Wayne_Rooney_144855croppedSitting by the threadbare curtains, looking over

the illuminated building works, from the fourth

floor, waiting for something interesting

to happen. Birmingham sleeps,


but a drunken Mancunian does not. Calling

for Kieran and Adam and Paul, he walks

in circles, unable to find his way;

lost against a maze of plastic barriers


and ropes blocking his path. I think

of Dante, the statue of Satan in a nearby

gallery, the private hell of Kieran’s friend

and the ultimate indignity, causing


a tsunami of slurred Anglo-Saxon oaths

to bounce around the floodlit site .

He has dropped his polystyrene tray

of chips. He stoops, surveying the loss


then walks away, turning to take a run up and kicks

his chips into a wide carbohydrate arc, shouting

“Roooooneeeeeyy” and acting out his World Cup

Fantasies; escaping his Inferno on Paradise Circus.


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