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Going Home:Keats – Episode 18

He wanted to know why we didn’t go out at night. I did a double take. I thought it was obvious.
“Yes, I understand that those creatures are out there. Is that the only reason?”
“Isn’t that enough?”
He smiled and said,

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 17

May 1st Spiggy made no pretense to stealth last night and just got into bed with me. We chatted a while and made it quite clear that I understood why … Continue reading

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 16

April 30th (2) Spiggy found Mooks bag, and his own rucksack that he’d forgotten about, thrown into a corner of the room furthest from the door. He grabbed both bags … Continue reading

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Going Home: Keats – Episode 15

 April 30th (1) Last night I left Spiggy watching over the exhausted and sleeping Mook. I put all the medical stuff away, saving anything that was still usable and bagging … Continue reading

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