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Submerged – An Act of Catharis

AVAILABLE NOW! What happens when a staunch European faces Brexit and the attendant decay in social mores? ‘Submerged’ is a howl of anguish in bricolage and bile. A critique utilising personal recollection, poetry, prose, quotation and a punk ‘zine aesthetic, Limited print run in full colour.


Lunar Tattoos

The First Poetry Pamphlet by Will Vigar. “He has shone a light on all those dark corners of childhood and exactly what lurked in them with great dexterity.” – Riggwelter Press. £6 (including postage and packing)


Absent Ginsberg – A Collection of Contemporary Poetry

A collection edited by Will Vigar and James Oliver Firkins. Contains poems by Will and James as well as the first published poems by Greg Gilbert. “An anthology of modern poetry from the respected website ‘a swift exit’. Collecting together new works by poets from the around the world, Absent Ginsberg is a dazzling collection of both formal and informal styles of poetry and is almost certain to contain your new favourite poem. Poems included are by Kiefer Holland, Heather Wastie, R.M. Francis, Peter Keeble, Dave Kurley, Justin Tuijl, Julia Ciesielska, Alexander Woodward, Thalaya Darr, Dave Hubble, Carter Vance, Didi Menendez, Greg Gilbert, Pete Green, Alex Dean, Jacob Kamper, James Oliver Firkins, Iain Trethewey, Will Vigar, Roman James Hoffman, Colin James, Karen Bevan, Christopher Hope, James Dignan and Richard Todd. £7 (including postage and packing)


Zombre – A Borderline Undead Anthology

Zombre is 20 tales guaranteed to make your flesh crawl and keep your lights on at night! Featuring work by Contributing Editor Will VIgar with outstanding work by Tom Box (covers), Paul Rainey, Nathan Castle, Andrew Cheverton, Peter Clack, Gord Drynan, Jay Eales, Mal Earl, Ash Fielder, James Firkins, Kelvin Green, Sarah Hardy, Jamie Lewis, Nigel Lowrey, Baden James Mellonie, David Metcalfe-Carr, Mitz, Nick O’Gorman, Krzystof Ostrowski, Phil Buckenham, Joanna Sanecka, Matthew Smyth, Si Spencer, Adam Steel, Richard Whitaker, Kel Winser, Kim Winter, Dennis Wojda, Richard Worth and Milos Kuntz.


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